Welcome to the savvyHealth.com signup page. We are seeking beta testers to help us with the testing phase of our new online health self-care technology.


Once you submit this application, our tech representatives will email you a confirmation with a password and the next steps to get into the beta testing section of the site.  Please understand that savvyHealth.com is in a beta phase of development.  As such, you may encounter bugs and/or experience unexpected crashes.  savvyHealth.com reserves the right to temporarily interrupt or discontinue the beta test at any time.  

All information submitted in this form is for savvyHealth.com internal use only.  We will not share any of your information with anyone outside the company. 

Access to the savvyHealth.com technology testing beta site is restricted to beta testers without a conflict of interest regarding information pertaining to the savvyHealth.com pre-launch technology.  Pre-launch technology is considered highly confidential and all beta testers must sign the below standard savvyHealth.com nondisclosure agreement in order to qualify for consideration for testing.

Employees and affiliates of competitors to savvyHealth.com are not eligible to be beta testers.

Beta testing for savvyHealth.com  

Get healthy and get free stuff, your ticket to good health is a click away.  Be part of a cutting edge-team and experience the benefits of free health self-care online.  

If you have hypertension, diabetes, or asthma or are expecting a baby, we want you.  We invite you to be the first audience to participate in an exclusive preview of our health management technology. Sign up now and your first year is free.  Hurry while this opportunity lasts!  

What is beta testing?

Beta testing for savvyHealth.com can be a very rewarding experience and an important first step in managing your health online. Beta testing is conducted during the genesis of a company to help them better meet the needs of their consumers.  The testing of the site allows users to view and use the site before the actual public launch and enables the company to receive valuable feedback from the users.  The suggestions made by the tester help to shape the content and usability of the actual site.  The benefits of testing include:  

  • Premier online health management with our cutting-edge self-care technology.
  • Your participation will help you take control of your health and make a significant difference in shaping our company's offerings to you and people such as yourself.
  • Receive one free year of enrollment in our health management system.  
What should one expect?

Beta testing is fun and easy. Each participant will be given a password into the site and have the opportunity to use our proprietary health technology and give feedback in the form of a brief questionnaire.  This feedback is valuable and appreciated. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Macintosh 68040 or better, System 7.1 or later or Windows 486/66 or better, Windows 98,95 or 3.1
  • A forms-capable web browser (i.e. Netscape Navigator, America Online's web browser, or Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • Email
  • Time & interest in testing our product  
How do I sign up?

It's easy. Just click below and follow the directions.  When you're finished, a brief questionnaire will come up on the screen for you to fill out.For more information email betatesters@savvyHealth.com to find out more. 

For the best viewing experience and use of all functionality, we recommend using Netscape 4.0
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