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Using an Asthma Inhaler
Using an Asthma Inhaler

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Online learning resources for diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and nutrition.
Diabetes 101: Learn more about diabetes, managing your blood sugar levels, and your diet.
Diabetes 201: Learn more about diabetes, managing your blood sugars, and your diet.
Asthma 101: Learn more about asthma and dealing with shortness of breath.
Hypertension 101: Learn more about hypertension and managing your blood pressure.
Nutrition 101: Learn more about improving your nutrition and diet

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~Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Using a Peak Flow Meter
Using a Peak Flow Meter :
(3 min. 17 sec.)

Check out some simple tips to help you gauge your breath and manage your asthma.

Using an Asthma Inhaler
Using an Asthma Inhaler :
(4 min. 4 sec.)

Puffing on an inhaler may seem simple, but you can miss a critical dose if you don't take the proper steps.

Using an Asthma Nebulizer
Using an Asthma Nebulizer :
(4 min. 39 sec.)

Watch how mist mixed with meds can offer an effective treatment for asthma.

Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetic Foot Care :
(4 min. 55 sec.)

Learn how a few minutes, each day, can save your feet from ulcers, gangrene even amputation.
* Please be advised that this video contains images of a graphic nature.

Pushing Forward on Nine Toes
Pushing Forward on Nine Toes :
(3 min. 12 sec.)

Jackie Shine explains how she copes with serious foot complications brought on by diabetes.
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* Please be advised that this video contains images of a graphic nature.

Using a Glucometer
Using a Glucometer :
(3 min. 45 sec.)

A drop of blood holds a wealth of information. Learn how a glucometer can help you pinpoint your blood sugar levels.

A Peek at the Pump

Tory Miller watched her father struggle and die from diabetes. Now, she's plugging into the next generation of care to manage the same illness.

A Peek at the Pump (1:26 min)

A Look Back at Care (2:03 min)

Embracing a New Challenge (1:37 min)

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HIV Treatment Under a Collar
HIV Treatment Under a Collar :
(2 min. 23 sec.)

One woman and three dogs work together to create a special kind of HIV cocktail.
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Using a Home Blood Pressure Monitor
Using a Home Blood Pressure Monitor :
(3 min. 3 sec.)

A cuff and a button can make a great difference in managing hypertension. Watch the step by step instructions for home monitoring.
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Nutrition and Portion Sizes
Nutrition and Portion Sizes :
(5 min. 4 sec.)

Some of the best medicine starts in your fridge. Watch how the food pyramid can offer recipes for better living.

When Panic Attacks

An intangible predator can strike at the speed of thought. See how one man is recovering from a crippling mental condition.

"Always a bit more nervous" (1:26.2 min)

"I had no idea what was going on." (1:34.8 min)

"Being a father" (1:46.3 min)

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