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Introduction to Savvyhealth

The Internet changes everything it touches.

Patients who have been "touched" by the growing availability of health and disease information on the Net are already taking charge of their own health in ways traditional healthcare providers have yet to comprehend.

The revolution has only begun.

Care for the chronically ill as it is currently practiced is inefficient, inconvenient, labor-intensive and economically unsustainable. People with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and AIDS now consume up to 70% of all healthcare spending ($US 1.25 trillion in 1998).

To address this problem, many self-insured corporations and payors seek integrated, cost-effective solutions to help keep their members in health and out of crisis. Patients want personalized information and resources to help them keep healthy and active.

Savvyhealth delivers the solutions.

The Savvyhealth Achieve System

The Savvyhealth Achieve System is an integrated self-care management service that is designed by physicians and engineers from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern health care enterprise. Based on an ASP model, the Savvyhealth Achieve System is comprised of:

  • Achieve Server, an extensible self-care management platform upon which web browser-based and intra/extranet applications are created and managed.
  • Achieve Sage, our proprietary clinical intelligence software, allows Savvyhealth to provide customized, real-time self-care management based on standard-of-care clinical guidelines and the user's actual physiologic state.
  • Achieve Core, our proprietary content and e-learning resources which dovetail with Sage technology to provide empowering, friendly, and accurate information to keep patients on-track and out of crisis.
  • Achieve Connect, an extensible and secure communications platform to connect all members of the health care enterprise via internet-enabled technologies, including email, web, fax, WAP, and PDA.

Achieve Products

Savvyhealth is currently developing Achieve systems for many chronic disease and wellness states. Our current products include Diabetes Achieve and Asthma Achieve. Products for nutrition, hypertension, pregnancy and early childhood development, and HIV/AIDS are in development.

Learn More

To find out more about Savvyhealth products and services, please contact our Business Development staff.

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