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Nutrition and Portion Sizes

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Lesson 3: Reducing Asthma Triggers

Yuck! cockroaches
  • block any areas where roaches could enter your home, including crevices, wall cracks, windows, woodwork or floor gaps, cellar and outside doors and drains.

  • fix and seal all leaky faucets and pipes since cockroaches love high humidity and need water just to survive.

  • keep food in containers with tight lids, put pet food dishes away when they aren't in use, immediately throw away any wrappers with remnants of tasty morsels, and do your dishes immediately after eating.

  • vacuum or sweep the floor after meals, clean cabinets and surfaces regularly and take out garbage and recyclables frequently, especially if they contain moist items or food.

  • use garbage containers with lids, and clean under your stove, refrigerator or toaster where loose food particles can linger as tempting treats for roaches.

Creepy indoor mold

Unlike some of the other allergens you've learned about, indoor molds and mildew are easily eliminated once you discover them!

  • use a cleaning solution that has 5% bleach and a small amount of detergent.

  • immediately remove carpeting or wallpaper if you can actually see the mold or mildew on it.

  • don't install carpeting on concrete or damp floors, and avoid storing clothes, papers or other items in damp areas like your basement or the bathroom magazine rack.

  • empty humidifier water and clean it regularly to prevent mildew from forming.

  • keep all of your rooms clean and very well ventilated, especially the basement, bathroom, kitchen, sun room, and attic.

Assignment #2
Before reading on, check out this article on about cleaning and asthma. It will help you get an idea of the bigger picture of environmental triggers and asthma. Click here:

The aptly-named airborne irritant

Anyone with allergies and asthma should avoid airborne irritants as much as possible. The ones you are most likely to face in your home or office are: tobacco smoke, aerosols, paint, perfumes, cleaning products or other strong odors or fumes.

  • forbid smoking in your home and close windows if smokers are outside.

  • buy non-aerosol pump and perfume-free products.

  • utilize the vents in your kitchen and bathroom frequently to disperse strong odors or fumes.

  • Don't try to "air out" indoor allergens from your home. Opening the windows can bring outdoor allergens such as pollen and mold spores inside.

With all of these suggestions, changing your home or indoor workspace can take some time, so start with a priority list. Progressive changes will give you a home that is less allergenic, easier to clean, and healthier for the whole family.

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