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Using a Glucometer
Using a Glucometer

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Lesson 4 - Decisions, Decisions: Diet and Exercise Regimens

Lesson 1: What is Hypertension? Lesson 2: All About Blood Pressure Lesson 3: High Risk Factors Lesson 4: Decisions, Decisions: Diet and Exercise Regimens Lesson 5: Hypertension Medications Lesson 6: Dangers and Complications Lesson 7: Tips, Games, and More! Lesson 8: Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Well, we've mentioned once or twice or maybe a billion times that following a heart-healthy lifestyle is really, really important in the control of hypertension. In this lesson, you're going to get a concentrated dose of these diet and exercise facts. As you read through, it's important to remember that everyone is different there are certain guidelines that you need to follow, but there are ways of tailoring these regimens to your individual needs. Managing hypertension is a life-long commitment savvyHEALTH is here to help!

Assignment #1

Oh yes, it's quiz time. We've already given you some of the basics regarding diet, exercise and hypertension, so chances are, your score on this preliminary quiz will be even better than usual! However, if you are still just learning the basics of keeping your heart healthy and happy, never fear! We have plenty in store for you by the time you finish with Lesson 4, you'll be rearing to go!

The basics

Each time we've mentioned diet and exercise regimens, we've followed a specific order your weight, physical activity, a diet low in sodium and minimizing alcoholic beverages. We're going to keep things simple and follow this same order as we explain things in more detail. This is not to say, however, that this order has anything to do with the importance of each element. Following a healthy lifestyle means following a balanced lifestyle that means that every aspect of your diet and exercise regimens is important. Just because you remain physically active, doesn't mean you can eat all of the salt-n-vinegar potato chips you want ESPECIALLY if you have hypertension. Of course, there are many smaller categories of lifestyle management, such as dietary supplements and alternative care approaches that we'll explore as well, so hold tight, and let's get learning!

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